Tasty Tuesdays: Escape The Work Week At Hyder Park

Escape The Work Week At Hyder Park

Hosho McCreesh
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Tasty Tuesdays
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And so it’s Tuesday. Again. Monday junior. The second worst day of the week. Yes, the last taste of the weekend’s freedom is all but wiped away, and the shackles of another work week have been firmly clamped and triple-checked. There is no hope, no escape from Tuesday—only hours and hours to ponder until the sweet respite of the forthcoming weekend.

But then—some hope! This Tuesday, and every Tuesday (weather permitting), we’ve got a little something to take the rough edge of the week off. At Hyder Park (700 Richmond SE) from 4:30pm to 8:30pm, Supper Truck and Irrational Pie gather, along with some music by Sage Harrington and other fun stuff like a face painter, a yoga class, gals dangling from a huge silk sheet Cirque du Soleil style and even the occasional helados cart to take back some of what Monday and Tuesday have stolen. Think San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park or Chicago’s Grant Park, only in miniature and in Albuquerque.

Much of the credit for this phenomenon belongs to the Nob Hill neighborhood where it takes place—residents who are happy to share their street-side parking with this truly community-based event. So props to the Hyder Park neighborhood—thanks for sharing, you’re all pretty great! The rest of the credit goes to Supper Truck and The Boiler Monkey who dreamed up the park-based event in late Summer 2012.

As for how long this weekly event runs: Tasty Tuesday begins roughly around daylight saving in spring and lasts until the daylight saving time-change in autumn. I can think of few better ways to shake your early week out of the doldrums.

While you’re there you’ve got two dining options: First,
Supper Truck. My people and I shared a Vietnamese beef borachito (plus bacon, because, c’mon) and a shrimp borachito. Both are a refined twist on the run-of-the-mill burritos you’ll find around town. The first is filled with Coca Cola-braised local beef and a sriracha sour cream, the latter with grilled shrimp, a roasted red pepper coulis and a wine cream sauce—along with cheddar cheese, fries and a little cilantro in both. A tasty and generous burrito, one to surprise and delight every palate from sophisticated to famished. Throw in an order of seasoned fries—dusted with a terrific red-chile spice blend and served with what they’ve dubbed their momo dipping sauce—and color dinner handled.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for pizza? If so, enter
Irrational Pie. A fully functional, custom-built, wood-fired pizza oven rests at the back of the truck, churning out deliciously flame-charred personal pizzas. We took two pies: the Italian sausage and onions pizza and the pepperoni and green chile pizza. Both use their signature marinara sauce and sliced medallions of fresh mozzarella, along with yummy herb blends with basil or rosemary. These are artisan pizzas you can share with someone else, though you probably won’t want to. At first glance, the selection of pies seems small, but you can custom-build a pizza from any of their usual selection of toppings—so shoot for the works. For vegetable lovers they offer a veggie pizza that changes right along with the seasonal local produce. For our picky kiddos, we added a cheese calzone and an order of cheese bread. Both come with a side of marinara to dip in. I’d love to see some minced garlic on both—but I’ve never had enough garlic. As with Supper Truck, Irrational Pie delivers a more artisan, elevated version of well-loved fare.

Occasionally another truck will fill in, but most Tuesdays the stalwarts will be there. So grab a blanket, some pillows, maybe a soccer ball or a board game, and kick back with your loved ones under the canopy of elms to eat, laugh and be merry as the light from the sunset-dappled trees filters down on the green grass, the kids, the happy dogs and the smiling joy of a summer afternoon unwasted. I’ve been three times so far and can’t wait to go again. Having this to look forward to has made the beginning of the work week a helluva lot more tolerable.

Tasty Tuesdays

Tuesdays, from 4:30pm to 8:30pm

Hyder Park

700 Richmond SE

Featuring food from The Supper Truck (ilovesupper.com) and Irrational Pie (on.fb.me/UkJYBW)

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