(April 20-May 20) Sensual, Practical, Diligent

Laura Marrich
2 min read
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Music is a passion to the point of eccentricity for many a Taurus. Appeal to your bull’s love of lyric loudness, ladies, planning and local stuff with the 2008 New Mexico Rocks! calendar. Each calender page shows off Burque’s most talented beauties with all the proceeds benefiting APS music education.

Simple yet luxurious, that’s Taurus to a T. When they’re at home, Tauruses love to bask in the earthy, quiet refinements of an excellent meal, a delectable set of sheets or pristine tablewear, such as these Italian glass carafes. They’re gorgeous to look at and touch, yet they’re dishwasher-safe and designed to fit in the tightest of refrigerators. They strike a practical chord, sumptuously.

Zouzou Pashmina Wrap, $58

Tauruses love to have their senses stimulated. Shop for high-quality clothes in plush, textured or silky fabrics that feel as good as they look. Bulls go especially wild for accessories that cover the throat, such as scarves or this luscious, cashmere-like pashmina by Zouzou. Just make sure you get one that’s tactile, comfy and sharp.

Everyone needs sunglasses, but don’t even think about getting Blue Blockers for the Taurus on your list. You can’t go wrong with a pair of high-end frames. They make a big splash with fashionable bulls, or work as an instant style-maker for Tauruses who need help defining their fashion sense. Made in Italy (Tauruses are fascinated by foreign culture), these sunglasses are bold and sexy face-framers for men and women.

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