The Alibi 'S Most Dedicated Bicyclist

The Alibi 'S Most Dedicated Bicyclist

Austin Blandford
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Michael Chavez, his bike and his legs of steel (Wes Naman)
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Michael Chavez just began work as an account executive at the Alibi last week. He’s probably the most hardcore cyclist we’ve ever had at the company.

Chavez has been riding since he was 10. When he got older, he began racing BMX bikes and later became interested in mountain biking. His recreational biking eventually led him to start commuting on two wheels.

And, geez, does this guy commute! Riding 40 miles—one way!—to work almost every morning, Chavez spends up to five hours on his bike each and every day. Amazingly, he still finds time to bike recreationally, mainly in the Albuquerque foothills, the Bosque and Otero Canyon.

Although he enjoys biking in New Mexico, Chavez feels there’s room for improvement. Aggressive drivers endangering cyclists as well as aggressive cyclists endangering other riders are Albuquerque’s two major problems, he says. He also thinks showers at work would encourage people to commute. (The
Alibi office has two showers.)

When asked what keeps biking fresh, Chavez says, “The best part is exploring and finding new routes.”
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