The Alibi'S Ghost Upstairs

Our Janitor Describes Phantom Activities At Alibi Headquarters

Steven Robert Allen
2 min read
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In the spring of 2003, the Alibi moved from a cramped, dumpy compound in Nob Hill to a sleek and spacious office Downtown. The new building's previous tenant was the law firm Will Ferguson and Associates. We inherited our current cleaning wizard, Jeremiah Mumbower, from Will Ferguson. He's been cleaning the place since 1999.

Mumbower generally cleans after hours, sometimes in the dead of night. He's absolutely convinced the Alibi's office is haunted. Strangely, though, he also says the ghostly activity has largely ceased since we moved in. Who knew the Alibi had so much pull with the spirit world?

“Most of the activity was upstairs,” he says. “Probably the weirdest thing happened when I had my daughter with me. She was two years old at the time. I remember she was playing on the stairs, when I heard her talking to someone. Curious, I walked up to her, and asked her who she was talking to. She said, ’that man.'”

When Mumbower asked her if he was still there, she said no. She described him as wearing a suit with stripes.

Mumbower believes he's seen this exact same apparition out of the corner of his eye on several occasions. He once spotted him down the hall, and he was missing the entire lower half of his body!

According to Mumbower, several people have seen and heard strange things in the building. A guy walking back and forth who would suddenly disappear. Ghostly footsteps when no one else was in the building. A radio that turned on by itself and emitted Satanic chants.

Apparently, one of the centers of paranormal activity is the office of Alibi Associate Publisher Dan Scott. “I used to get a really bad vibe in there,” Mumbower says. “Like I was walking into a room full of pissed off people. When I'd leave the office, I'd feel like something was rushing at my back. Used to give me the willies.” When he was downstairs, he'd also often hear creaks, as if someone were walking around upstairs.

Thankfully, the spooks seem to have gone on sabbatical since the Alibi moved in. But Mumbower did point out that throughout the years he's cleaned our building, the peak for paranormal activity was usually right around Halloween.

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