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Marisa Demarco
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Lost in the forrest of acronyms and shorthand that is gamespeak? You’re a n00b. It’s OK. The Alibi is here to drop a few linguistic breadcrumbs so you can find your way through the cybertrees. Here’s a really, really abridged dictionary of the terms serious gamers use, usually when playing online with other nerds:

AFK: Away from keyboard

BBIAB: Be back in a bit

BFG: Big fucking gun

Bounding box: The area around an enemy you can hit that will cause damage

Camper: A player who stays in one spot with a high-damage weapon and waits for other players to come by—it’s not a good thing to be

Cul8r: See you later

FFS: For fuck’s sake

GG: Good game

Gib: To shoot something so much it explodes into tablescraps

IMHO: In my humble opinion

Keyboarder: A gamer that doesn’t use the mouse

Lag: When your Net connection isn’t good and causes stalling or other problems in your game

|337: Leet, as in elite

|3375p34k: Leetspeak—the name given to the language online gamers use while typing

Lumberjack: Someone who knocks campers out of their hiding places with very large weapons

MMORPG: Massive multiplayer online role-playing game (a.k.a. MMO )

n00b: A rookie or newbie.

N/M or NM: Nevermind

Pwned: Like in sports, when you are beaten very badly, you’ve been owned

Respawn: When a bad guy comes back to life after being killed

r0x0rs: Rock, as in “rock on,” in leetspeak

Splash damage: When you are standing near something that is blown up, and it hurts your player as well

T2YL: Talk to you later

Teh: The

w00t!: This marks excitement

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