The Gift Of The Alibi Gift Guide

Ty Bannerman
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2015 Gift Guide
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And just like that, summer is a distant memory, autumn begins to fade and winter is, in the words of Ned Stark, coming. But in New Mexico, winter will get here a lot quicker than Westeros’ (which has taken, what? four seasons so far?) and with it will come that dark and dangerous trial of human souls we call the Holidays.

Yep, soon enough, you’ll be stressing about cooking, cleaning, traveling and just what the hell you’re going to give to your ungrateful relatives and, oh, yeah, you’d better get something for the people you actually like, too.

Never fear, the
Alibi is here.

Yes, this year we’re launching a veritable suite of gift guides to take you, our beloved readers, through the shopping season. First up, in this issue, is the official Holiday Gift Guide, offering an abundance of awesome locally-produced gifts perfect for the special people in your life. From film to food to art and music, you’re sure to find some fantastic shopping ideas in the following pages.

And keep an eye open for our next guide, the
Alibi’s Booziest Gift Guide Ever, which, with its assortment of local spirits, beer and wine will make the holidays more delightful for everyone. After that, we’ll even have a Last Minute Guide to assuage the panic of the eternal procrastinator.

You’re welcome.

Now, what did you get us?
The Gift of the Alibi Gift Guide

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