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Figments Tea Shoppe & Gallery

Taylor Grabowsky
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Kaufman’s West (Taylor Grabowsky)
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For the tea lover or chef in your life, head over to Figments Tea Shoppe in the shopping center next to Target. Figments has every tea you could want and then more. A perfect blend for this season, Sparkling Sugar Plum—a black tea with plum bits, plum blossoms and sparkling sugar crystals, would make a great gift for young and old. ($3.95/oz.) Or maybe a nice green tea, like Niagara Peach ($4.61/oz.) which is sweet peach mixed with jasmine, which goes well iced. You can also treat your special someone to tea that comes with a scone, fruit or yogurt, and a featured dessert. And you get to choose your own tea (out of 190 options). The cook in your life will enjoy many of the olive oil or vinegar varieties (they have 14 and 15 different kinds, respectively). With flavors that range from sweet (Huckleberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar) to savory (Hickory Olive Oil) both at just $15 for a 250mL bottle, you’ll find the perfect something that will please and intrigue any foodie. The knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you find the perfect present, and maybe you’ll even find a little something for yourself.

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Kaufman’s West Taylor Grabowsky
This holiday season perhaps the best gift to give is the gift of safety. There is no better place to shop than at Kaufman’s West, your one stop shop for mace, pepper spray and other self-defense accouterments. Aside from self defense, Kaufman’s has a large selection of sunglasses, a wall of hats to choose from, uniforms, backpacks, knives and handcuffs. For the adventurous, or maybe just curious person, you can’t go wrong with an M.R.E. (meals ready to eat), which is a military grade, individual meal that contains a main course, side dish, bread, dessert and a flameless ration heater for just $15.99.
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