The Name Is Bond

Carl Petersen
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The Name is Bond
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This year, 10 General Obligation Bonds will appear on the Ballot. These bonds represent a debt incurred by the city to fund improvements. The city has to pay them back with interest, but they don’t result in property tax increases, so there’s generally no reason to vote against them. Stuff has to get done.

Public Safety: $11,565,000 for police and fire department facilities and equipment.

Senior, Family, Community Center and Community Enhancement Projects: $10,429,000 for community center revitalization, community planning, downtown revitalization, rail yard improvements and economic development.

Parks and Recreation: $12,544,000 to improve and maintain public facilities such as parks, swimming pools, medians, trails and so forth.

Energy and Water Conservation, Public Facilities and System Modernization: $12,853,000 for improvements and maintenance on City buildings, animal shelters, IT infrastructure and more.

Libraries: $5,798,000 for repair, renovation, improvements and materials for City libraries.

Streets: $39,085,000 for repair and improvements to City roads, bridges and sidewalks.

Public Transportation: $5,555,000 for maintenance and improvements to public transit.

Storm Sewer Systems: $10,101,000 for maintenance and improvements to City storm drains.

Zoo, Biological Park, Museum and Cultural Facilities: $5,101,000 for maintenance and improvements to City cultural facilities.

Affordable Housing: $2,525,000 for construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing for low-to-moderate income families.

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