The Nob Hill Park And Shop Bands Businesses Together For Deep Discounts

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Nob Hill’s Shop and Stroll was besieged by "an apocalyptic windstorm from hell" this year, says Self Serve owner Matie Fricker. It’s supposed to be the biggest sales day on the calendar. But the weather depressed turnout, which was "really damaging for our bottom line," she says. It added momentum to a downward trend that started before the winter. "Many local businesses we love have closed in the last year."

In addition to sitting inside her store and willing people to come in—as she did that blustery Thursday—Fricker decided to do something about it. She’s organized her fellow business owners for an event she’s calling Park and Shop: A Day of Sales on Thursday, Dec. 15. More than 40 stores will be offering deep discounts on everything they sell. They’ll be staying open late, too.

Buy your presents from local shops and you could help save a business, Fricker says. "We’re not alone in having the hardest year we’ve ever had. Nob Hill is having a tough time, and we need the community’s support."

Park and Shop: A Day of Sales

Thursday, Dec. 15

Nob Hill

Participating stores:

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