The Sweet Stuff

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The Sweet Stuff
Breaking Bad donuts from Rebel Donut (Eric Williams
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Best Desserts

Customers line up for the richest assortment of desserts in town. The multilayered cakes, resplendent in whipped frostings, are not only for dining in, but also to grace the tables at weddings and birthdays—or just for gorging on the sweetness of it all. Pies, cookies, and éclairs disappear in a flash, and they’ll soon be taking orders for pumpkin pie.

2) Cravin’ Cookies … and More!

Best Chocolates

The Candy Lady has more than 30 years of making the best fudge, bonbons, brittle, caramels, toffee, jellies and licorice, and recently even created a crystal blue rock candy to commemorate “Breaking Bad.” This Old Town institution makes old-fashioned treats as well as newfangled sweets.

2) Theobroma Chocolatier

3) Chocolate Cartel

Best Donuts

Rebel Donut makes pastry consumption cool. No longer the monotonous realm of cops, at Rebel, donuts are transformed into delicious lifestyle accessories. Feeling defiant? Sink your teeth into a nacho donut. For those in a meditative mood, the chocolate wasted will send you into mystic territory. Whatever your temper, Rebel’s got the indulgent answer.

2) Duke City Donuts

3) Donut Mart

Best Cupcakes

Sometimes you want a teeny tiny pumpkin cake with cinnamon pumpkin buttercream all to yourself, a cake you can horde, knowing that no one is going to be bothering you for a slice. (You can’t slice a cupcake! Back off!) Where do you go? To Cake Fetish, of course. They even make some cakes gluten free.

2) The Grove Café and Market

3) Caked: A Cupcake Boutique

Best Cookies

Chocolate topped peanut butter. Lemon white chocolate chip. Snickerdoodles and peppermint truffle cookies … Cravin’ Cookies, like the perfect grandma, has no other mission in life than to dazzle and delight us with tray after tray of dessert biscuits. And they won’t knit you an awkward sweater!

2) Flying Star Café

3) Golden Crown Panadería

Best European Bakery

Hoffmantown Shopping Center has been the home of Le Chantilly Bakery for decades. Regulars dine in for breakfast or a light lunch to enjoy the egg and green chile-filled croissant or a savory tarragon chicken salad. The array of pastries is mind-boggling and sure to please.

2) La Quiche Parisienne Bistro/Le Paris French Bakery/French Riviera Bakery

Best Frozen Desserts

Olo Yogurt Studio, now on both sides of the river, serves up a constantly changing array of flavorful yogurts disguised as killer desserts. If just plain yogurt is your style, they have that, too. The yogurt is surpassed only by the vast selection of toppings—from sweet mochi bits to fabulous syrups and sauces.

2) Chillz Frozen Custard

3) Pop Fizz

Best Milkshakes

Take a time warp at the 66 Diner with one of their thick, sweet milkshakes. Whether you order the caramel cow or tutti frutti, stick two straws in the hand-mixed concoction and call your sweetie before you suck it all down yourself.

2) Route 66 Malt Shop

3) Owl Café
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