To All Our Friends, Past, Present And Future

Your Support Means The World To Us

Dan Pennington
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You might have seen a couple of the ads bouncing around in our paper, or heard word of it online, but I personally wanted to talk to you, the reader, about what Friends of Weekly Alibi is. Weekly Alibi has been publishing since 1992, a friendly guide to the city and it’s going-ons. What started as a small publication meant to help highlight all the things that make the city so enjoyable grew into the second largest paper in the state. We’ve grown and changed throughout those years, and it’s been the help of you that it has been possible.

Right now, things have gotten tight. We’ve managed to hold things together through thick and thin and continue doing what we do best: Highlighting the impact businesses and events have on our day to day lives. We want to continue that tradition, even if right now, it’s not necessarily possible because of quarantine. That’s where FOWA comes into play.

Our advertisers are hurting more than they ever have before, and some may not come back at all. We’ve put together a way to help support us so we can continue to support them in the future. You can donate, either on a recurring subscription basis or through a one-time offering, and allow us to support the staff that come together to make the magic happen every week. These funds go to ensuring the people who bleed and sweat over keyboards continue to be compensated for the work they do. Our writers, our production staff, our web team and our oversight team all play different key roles in getting a paper into your hands week to week.

As the most junior of writers on staff, I know that it might seem that maybe my insight and love for this doesn’t come from a place as deeply held as someone who has been on staff and writing for decades. Maybe that is true. But I hold a different space for
Weekly Alibi in my heart than others on staff. I’m young (maybe too young, some might argue), and was born 3 years before the paper began. For as long as I’ve been alive, the paper has been in my eye. How could you not want to stop and read the colorful pages that stood out, offering you to grab a free copy? It was an obsession of mine from the youngest ages I could remember. It was different, it wasn’t stuffy, it was fun and unique, especially compared to the paper my parents would read. Sure, I couldn’t attend most of the events written in it, but I could hear about them and pretend I could.

It was an integral piece of my life, and most likely yours too, if you’re reading this. As I grew older with it, I remember ravenously reading the movie section and idolizing my current boss, Devin D. O’Leary. I was starstruck during my interview with him, finally meeting the person who had written so much of the content I consumed growing up. I was even more awestruck that I was entrusted to write about food, to help create that culture that I engaged in for so many years. I shared an office with the August March, man about town who covered news, music and life. I had found a home with the writers who defined the alternative culture coverage of the city, and I felt a sense of pride in my work unlike anything I’d ever done before.

I know that currently, we’re facing tough times, but ultimately, we’ll be back and bigger than ever. What more could people want after isolation than to go out and enjoy the company of others again? To stand in a room with others, all part of a single experience and celebrating the joy of human interaction. We’ll be there to cover that. We’ll be there to tell you which restaurant is back in action with new and interesting choices to delight your taste buds after you’ve spent a month eating ramen and PBJ sandwiches. We’ll highlight the art your eyes have missed experiencing in person, the stories you’ve yearned to hear told, and the shows you’ve longed to see. We hope you’ll be able to support us in our time of need, with the promise that when this is all just a dark memory, we can continue supporting you and the city. For more information on how to support independent journalism, visit us at and click on our “
Friends of Weekly Alibi” banner.
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