Valentine Poetry

Sultry Sonnets For Sundry Sweethearts

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Amorous Verbiage
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Sonnet no.1

“Union of Eros and Gaea”

ark, noble gentlemen and ladies fair

Upon this day of everlasting love

View prose written under a
nom de guerre;

Cunning linguistics shall be used thereof

For none wholly snuffs the erotic flame

As a lexicon boorish and profane.

Responses to our wired census came

Stories themed elementally did reign.

Forsooth one author wrote a fishy tale

Of spawning love with salmon swimming near,

Others, of passion on the hiking trail.

With thund’rous water Thor did oft appear

To protect the amorous embraces

Of those aroused by natural places.

(By Lady Seagraves)

Valentine Poetry

Sonnet no.2

“Predilections of the Nation”

But soft, what society in yonder

Query renders their remarks so honest?

‘Twas equal gander and goose responder,

Aged a score or two, they most oft promised.

Their wild fantasies did run the gamut

Of Aphrodite’s imagination,

Study of reel lust they did not damn it.

Amid their natural acts of creation

Scores of lovers claimed to remain leafless.

Concerning trinkets and accessories,

Moste stylish were: pulse, root and tethered jess.

In solo plunder of their treasuries

Did one third claim to oft blithely engage.

Verily, such hot numbers sear this page!

(By Lady Seagraves)

Valentine Poetry

Sonnet no.3

“What Many Breeds of Sundry Fantasies”

peak, muses of thy delicious fancies.

Those both salacious and sweet in nature

Leave mortal thews in thrilling agonies.

Delicate power games arise major

with thralls and rulers craving such command;

Cruel and tender touch mix in fair measure.

Humours of blood rally a dis’prate band

Much like the entourage of Bacchus seek pleasure.

Such bodies enjoy a congregation

To elevate their libidinous sport.

Oft dreamt of with gayness and elation

Is the surmounting of a dear consort

Via the ingress of their fundament.

Stars! That mere flesh can bear such wonderment.

(By Lady Seagraves)

Valentine Poetry

Sonnet no.4

“A Trio of Passions Earthly, Consecrated and Lethal”

hence presented with quand’ry trifurcate,

Whom to fornicate, betroth or murder?

Bestowing upon three a final fate,

The consensus results in said order:

To lie with the fair Beyoncé of grand

Proportions awarded to quarters hind,

To woo and marry the Queen of England

And share always in her wealth and in kind

(Though her visage hath fallen in years late).

Miss Helen Keller, who would neither see

Nor hear her approaching perilous fate,

Left thusly a sentence of endless sleep.

So, the populace deliberated.

O! Destinies henceforth celebrated!

(By Marchioness Missy Sweetwillow)
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