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Best Vegetarian Restaurant

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Vegan + Vegetarian
Best Veggie Burger: Holy Cow (Eric Williams
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Put down the flesh burger, friend, and open yourself to a vegetarian enlightenment. One taste of Annapurna’s ayurvedic foods just might make you turn away from meat for good. The holistic menu targets six flavors in every meal to leave you feeling satisfied and spiritually balanced.

2) Thai Vegan

3) Fei’s Health Café

Best Tofu Dish

Boasting 13 tofu-based entries, Budai’s English menu will satisfy all but the most adventurous of bean curd cravings. But the daring tofu eaters aren’t out of luck either. All they have to do is ask for the Chinese menu, and maybe some help with translation, to discover a whole new world of flavors.

2) Chen’s Chinese Food Restaurant

3) Chow’s Asian Bistro

Best Vegan Food

Do the jungle noodle! That’s one of the many vegan dishes our readers love at this Northeast Heights restaurant. Thai Vegan also has chicken, fish and bacon burgers. Psych! They’re all made from soy.

2) Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café

3) Mint Tulip

Most Worshipful Respect For Vegetables

All hail kale at Albuquerque’s most famous veggie stop. In addition to treating its flora with tender loving care in every dish on the menu, Annapurna also gives high placement to daily vegetable specials to keep your tastebuds wanting more.

2) Budai Gourmet Chinese

3) Farm & Table

Best Veggie Burger

We like it when restaurants take veggie burgers seriously and offer more than a thawed patty. In Holy Cow’s case, it sizzles up a blend of roasted eggplant, chickpea and miso aioli, luring even the most carnivorous among us to the not-so-dark side.

2) Mint Tulip

3) Blackbird Buvette

Bobr: No Bones About It

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