(Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Meticulous, Craftsy, Analytical

Laura Marrich
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It’s important that Virgos comfort themselves after long, über-productive days. These "fortune teas" are wrapped in beautifully folded origami paper, which can be hung as ornaments. Inside, there’s an affirming fortune and a flowering tea. White, green or black tea leaves are sewn into a ball that, with hot water, "blooms" into a beautiful tea flower. The tea flower makes up to three pots or can be displayed as a centerpiece for up to five days.

Los Ranchos 2008 Commemorative Calendar, $10

Green-thumbed Virgos are prone to overflowing schedules. Help them keep track of appointments and gardening cycles in this 2008 calendar. It was created to commemorate the 50 th anniversary of the Village of Los Ranchos’ incorporation and the 15 th anniversary of their fabulous farmers’ market. The 13-month calendar features scenes from the Village and a beautiful cover photo by Karl Koenig.

Clc Toolworks Outside Bucket Pockets, $10.33

There’s a tool for every job. Virgos should know—they’ve got one of each in English and metric sizes. Trips to the hardware store are a frequent indulgence for Virgos. Only, once they get home, finding a place for all those wrenches, epoxies and drill bits can be a challenge. Help your Virgo sort things out with an organizer that keeps tools close at hand, like this pocket-packed bucket organizer. The durable, water-resistant apron has many multi-sized pockets and fits snugly over 3 1/2- to 5-gallon buckets.

Axion 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame, $99

With a shrewd eye for aesthetics and multiple projects that always need documenting, Virgos are the digital shutterbugs of the Zodiac. Your Virgo has amassed thousands of digital photos, and they’re rusting away, unadmired, in her hard drive. Fix that with this futuristic photo frame. The high-resolution monitor displays digitally rendered memories imported through a USB jack or SD card. It even comes with a discreet remote control and MP3 playing capabilities—perfect for multitasking Virgos.

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