Voter Faq

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Primary what?

One cool thing about primaries is that the candidate field isn’t limited to just a single Democrat and Republican. Instead, there’s a range of perspectives that can end up shaping the platform of the winner. Say your candidates don’t win—if they still manage to get a decent turnout in their favor, their ideas have a good chance of getting adopted by the winner in the general election. Your vote matters.

New Mexico has closed primaries, which means the ever-growing number of registered independents and third-partiers don’t get to vote until the November general election. You registered Ds and Rs have no good excuse for not participating.

Where do I vote?

Bernalillo County is making it easier than ever to find a convenient polling place. Instead of being married to your traditional precinct, you can vote on June 5 in any of 69 voting centers.

Do I need an ID?

No, with one exception. First-time voters who registered by mail and didn’t submit an ID have to show a current ID at the polls. A driver’s license, student or tribal ID, utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government document will work. Everyone else should only have to state his or her name, registration address and birth year.

Can I still register to vote in this year’s primary?

May 8 was the last day, but you have until Oct. 9 to register for the general election. Do it now! Call the County Clerk’s Office at 468-1290 for information.

How do I know if I’m registered?

Call the County Clerk’s office (see above) or complete one of these online forms: or

Can I vote early or absentee?

Hell yes! Absentee voting started May 8, early voting opens May 19, and both end June 2. Request an absentee ballot by calling the County Clerk’s office (see above) or print out an application by visiting

When is primary Election Day?

Tuesday, June 5.
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