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More Entries From Our Haiku Contest, Exclusively On Alibi.com

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Under the Milky

Way you gaze at the sky’s spine

And bend me backwards

—Kathryne Lim

I watch the night end

Sun and heat rise together

Cool shadows retreat.

—Lee Laney

In unyielding strength

Bamboo Topples, Uprooted

As leaves flutter on

—Judith James

silhouette of ghosts

rising on the mountainside

mist in the pine trees

—Todd Eddy, Ill.

Pink ribbon flutters

Asian girl on a moped

Follows half orange moon

—Marie Oberle, Minn.

The Q

Much like New Orleans

only all of the street bums

have much less talent

—Andrea Greenlee

At dawn bright valley

At dusk soft pink Sandias

Between I survive

—Anthony Masi

From Bebe to MAC

Walking around aimlessly

It’s something to do

—Elora Daniels, AHS

The “Q”, stupid name

Just like Keep Querque Quirky

Hows about the “Ack”?

—Rich Groot

Tiny brown city

Ranchero del Sandia

Poor public transport

—Julia Mace

Hurricane came by

Ended up here and love it

Wife and son is love

—Justin Hoffman

Marty and his Q

Is it really a big deal?

I mean, uh,

—Laz Romankiw, AHS

Neon nights downtown

Luminous, sturdy, outlined

Fragile expressions.

—Leslie Chamberlin

More wack red-light cams

Slam on my brakes to escape

Damn! Rear-ended, great

Shey Mertz, AHS


Not enough caffeine

Satellite is expensive

Not enough money

—Bennigna Rivera

O rock star recharge

Illmatic stat fo sho mannnn

Caffeine fiend, empty

—Josh Gonzales, AHS

Caffeine’s my vaccine

Wake me up from this bad dream

Fuck hugs I need mugs

Shey Mertz, AHS

Yeah Yeah Yeah let’s go!

Can’t stop sweating and shaking

Goddamn espresso

—Timothy O’Neil


Mysterious means

Inscrutable and obscure

Wait! Who just said that?

—Dan Otero

Gymnast falls and wins

How is it possible now?

Mystery judges!

—Justin Hoffman

Candles and torches

Around the dark lake waters

Diana’s mirror

—Ken Klammer

Stowed in the cockpit,

"Staging Your Death for Dummies."

Earhart’s past due book.

—Sue McGilpin, Calif.

Nose in the window

Capturing scents, spying birds

dreaming of hunting

—Michelle Stephens


Difference between

Burquewood and Hollywood?

“You want green or red?”

—Carolina Gomez, AHS

I like Burquewood

But why are there no locals

up "Above the Line"?

—Dan Otero

Friday: Film crew here

Can’t park on my street today

What’s in it for me?

—Ellen Cline

Scarlet scarfs tacos

at Bandido. I try not

to gawk but still do.

—Gerard Alonzo


Super waitress girl

Uses mind powers to make

foreign guy tip her

—Andrea Greenlee

The power I want

is to have psychic visions

while running naked

—Andrew Fabry


Eating without utensils,

Is what I would like.

—Rich Groot

I don’t have a fake

ultimate superpower

I see through windows.

—Madeline Alfero


A life of struggle

Now in a sea of crosses …

One black rectangle.

—Jim Burris

Four sides are boring

Corners make me snore out loud

I prefer circles

—Bridgette McMahon

Found not in snowflakes,

clouds, or flowers, nature must have

no use for corners.

—Kathryne Lim

You are not tangled

In fact you are very straight

So who named you tangled?

—Sarah Fuller

Oval for a face

Rectangle in his belly

Circle on his butt

—Tina Yara-Nieto, AHS

Stimulus Check

Exxon got billions.

I got a few hundred bucks,

I will use for gas.

—Larry Elmore

Got the check in time

This economy just sucks.

Stop the eviction

—Richard Chong

three ounces of pot

two bottles of Cuervo Gold


—Todd Eddy, Ill.

The stimulus check

Caught up some bills and bought food

No enjoyment there.

—Michelle Stephens

Hoping for a check

Still claimed as a dependent

I didn’t get one 🙁

—Michael Green

Poo Ku

hurry up niblet

jejunum can’t stop us now

we need to catch poo

—David Bowes

Mocha and pancakes

An hour later at work

I feel much lighter

—Julia Mace

Spicy beef Taco

Extra hot sauce and some beans

The pain is coming

—Justin Hoffman

"It’s not chocolate!"

said disgruntled Lucy Lou,

lesson learned; age two.

—Kelly Rodriguez


Getting sexual pleasure

crap . WTF?

—Laz Romankiw, AHS

It seems there is a

lack of dignity when death

Occurs … on the toilet.

—Peter Cornelius

Poo, It comes from butts

Big Logger, Bowl Winder, Turd

Just to name a few.

—Phill Harmon

The zookeeper’s prank.

Bagged elephant poo smolders

on the porch. Ding dong.

—Sue McGilpin, Calif.

I wend to buy food

for my cat, but he is dumb.

He’d rather eat poop.

—Graciela Castillo, HHS


Only sport missing:

Synchronized hot tub diving.

Maybe in four years?

—Bridgette McMahon, Jen Cooke and Jeremy LaCasse

She sends an e-mail

"The caner monster took him …"

I note the spelling

—Brooke Grant

Emoticons are

funny symbols that mean stuff

Go look this one up: m/(>_<)m/

—Dan Otero

The new boss is here.

And he travels light: no horse,

No experience

—Lynn Kaczor

Pillow words sound soft

I push her head down until

I hear her no more

—Michael Manalo

Condi Rice condemns

Putin for an invasion

of a small country.

—Richard Wolfson

Brown paper leaflet

Shouting words propaganda

Shut up you morons

—Kristin Leve
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