Week One


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Week One
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If you want to see probable greatness, you should probably see Pollock . Joe Peracchio, founding artistic director of Tricklock Company and Revolutions, stars in this one-man show inspired by the frenetic genius of artist Jackson Pollock. Written by David D’Agostino, directed by Broadway veteran Moni Yakim and set to the brilliant jazz compositions of Ornette Coleman, this multimedia performance aims to illuminate the complex evolution of America’s pre-eminent abstract expressionist painter. And, in case that’s not profound enough, it examines the role and status of art and expression in American life. Long story short: Pollock is poised to take your breath away.

Excavations New Works Series: Four Interludes

If you saw SWOOP at UNM earlier this fall, then you know how captivating Tricklock’s Chad Brummett is. If you didn’t, here’s your chance to find out. Four Interludes is an original Brummett vignettes-play-in-progress about all the good stuff (“love, sex and near death,” by Tricklock’s account), which he will perform for Revolutions as part of the Excavations New Works Series established at the 2004 festival. Directed by Elsa Menéndez and with dramaturgy by Kevin R. Elder, the performance might be thought of as a working draft; the audience, as the editors. A reception / audience critique will follow so that, in the Tricklock tradition, the work’s further development will occur with and benefit from a truly outside perspective.

Nasze Miasto / Our City

Part of the revolutionariness of Revolutions comes from the globally collaborative nature of the festival. Nasze Miasto / Our City is the product of true international partnership between Teatr Figur Kraków and Tricklock; the companies effectively spanned 10,000 miles and three cities to create the work, which incorporates Figur’s expertise in puppetry and shadow theater with Tricklock’s renowned dramatic physicality. Aptly themed, it seems, Nazse Miasto explores our conceptions of The City (ours, theirs, all cities), those elements that define it, the commonalities and disparities within it. Directed by Tricklock’s Kevin Elder, the play features performers from both companies and all three cities, making the show an emblem of its very objective—which, the collaborators note, is to “create a larger understanding between people, and through this understanding, create a much smaller world.”

Revolutions Karaoke

Whether you dream of moving from Revolutions spectator to star or of celebrating alongside the festival organizers, you’ll want to head to O’Niells. The party is such a good time that it’s been institutionalized. Join the new tradition.

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