Week One

The Pajama Men

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The PJs (street name) open the festival with their trademark wit and sleepwear before heading off to New York and London to light up those dull burgs.


We can’t promise you breakfast, baby, only a good time.

What is unique about what your group is doing?

Comedy improv done by four dudes isn’t really new or exciting. We hope that the caliber of the performance is what sets us apart.

What are you bringing to the festival?

We have no idea what our show will be like in Revolutions. We are going to take a member of the audience and have a conversation about their day. We will then create our show, inspired by the conversation. If the audience member ate pancakes that day, then there is a good chance our show will have pancakes in it.


To create nonverbal theater while maintaining a poetic quality.

What are you bringing?

A show without words , which will incorporate puppets and movement. Theater must intrigue the spectator. The show tells, without a single spoken word, the tale of a man who in order to escape from his solitude creates a female puppet.

Why is the story you’re telling important?

Loneliness is a deep emotion, and it should be shared with others.

Take a piece written by Tricklock’s Kevin Elder and performed by Alex Knight (Tricklock actor and one of the One Night Stanleys), add direction by The Pajama Men’s Mark Chavez, throw in some ice and a dash of Cholula, and shake. What comes out is a little weird but intoxicatingly hot. KNIT is part of Tricklock’s Excavations series, which showcases works in progress. According to Knight, audience involvement is expected; but as it’s his first solo show, please be gentle.

The original Albuquerque cabaret. It’s so famous, Liza Minnelli is pissed no one’s asked her to perform. If you’ve never been, this could be what finally fills the gaping hole in your soul.

A radio play staged live, you can experience this work-in-progress in the theater, your home or your car.

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