Weekly Alibi’s Eleventh Annual Valentine’s Day Card Contest

Carl Petersen
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Weekly AlibiÕs Eleventh Annual ValentineÕs Day Card Contest
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This Valentine’s Day some sophisticated ladies and men will meet at a local nightclub for cocktails, then go to a hotel room and film each other naked. Through comical juxtaposition, their story illustrates the depravity underlying every human pretense. Thought itself, they say, is just a passenger pigeon of the dark subconscious. Yet we pretend to celebrate Valentine’s Day against sullen protest, as if prying it from the icy fingers of a corpse. The cards are nice, though.

The 11th annual all-digital, couple-themed Valentine’s Day Card Contest attracted artistic masterpieces from far and wide, all of them both stunning and suitable for two-dimensional newspaper exhibition. The elaborately constructed submissions of years past were fun, sure, but it was often difficult to communicate their magnificence in newsprint and get the glitter out of our carpet. This year’s digital entries were judged on the basis of design, creativity and artistic merit by a celebrity panel consisting of myself,
Alibi Art Director Jesse Schulz and some tequila. We hope you enjoy the show.

A special thanks goes out to our contest sponsors:
Cookie Carry Out, The Guild Cinema, Self Serve and Sushi Gen. Winners should pick up their prizes at the Alibi office (413 Central NW) between 9am and 5pm on weekdays after Thursday, Feb. 13.

Be sure to check out our next three runners-up and one honorable mention
here on alibi.com. Sorry about that no prize thing, you guys.

Feature: Contest Winners Mary Link

First Place

”An Unrequited Love”

Feature: Contest Winners Darla Van Winkle

Second Place

“Peanutbutter and Jelly Love”

Feature: Contest Winners Thomas Maestas

Third Place

“With Love, Yours Always, Liz”

Weekly AlibiÕs Eleventh Annual ValentineÕs Day Card Contest

Mexican artist Diego Rivera records his first impressions of San Francisco; his wife Frida Kahlo looks on, 1930

Times Wide World Photos

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

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