Weekly Alibi’s First Ever Sex Survey

Carl Petersen
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Weekly AlibiÕs First Ever Sex Survey
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Are bicycles sexy? I don’t think so, and we were fairly careful not to ask about bicycles when we developed our First Ever Sex Survey. That notwithstanding, bicycles came up … along with graveyards, pancakes, rimming and other seemingly endless whatnots in the mountainous avalanche of data our survey produced. And cars. It seems like lots of people in Albuquerque are having sex in cars, so pay attention, and lock up next time you’re in the parking garage.

Nearly 1,500 people responded to our survey. Who were these people? Let’s consult the pie charts:

What did we learn? I’ll leave that to our panel of experts.

Weekly AlibiÕs First Ever Sex Survey

Weekly AlibiÕs First Ever Sex Survey

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