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Alibi'S 2005 Survival Guide

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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In a way, every issue of the Alibi is a survival guide. Every week we supply you with all the information you need to fight the good fight in the Duke City. What would you do without your Alibi? You might die a quick yet excruciatingly painful death. At the very least, you'd have a lot less fun.

In one issue per year, however, we outdo even ourselves. Every August, at the tail end of summer, just as students are returning to school, we dig into the deepest reaches of our vast institutional knowledge to dredge up the critical information necessary to thrive in our rough-and-tumble high desert metropolis. Why do we do this? We do this because we don't just want you to live, dear readers; we want you to live long and brilliantly.

Get in the ring, Albuquerque. Stay tough. Fight hard. Live well. If you do your part, we'll happily do ours.

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