Where To Get A Pet

Finding The Next Nemo, Felix, Desdemona Or Mr. Sprinkles

John Bear
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Where to get a pet
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Sometimes you move from one city to another and show up a cat short. Cats are angry beasts and will run off when they sense something is personally unacceptable. Sometimes a significant other leaves and takes them. In either case, it’s important to move forward and quickly replace those missing kitties and pooches. Most importantly, you should adopt shelter pets. There are plenty of good animals waiting for homes. There’s no need to buy a $2,000 Mongolian vole hound when a perfectly fine mongrel can be had for less than $100. Hell, my cat Scoop Satanica ran me 10 bucks at a lucky sale at the Humane Society. She has, of course, since racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and lost man hours.

Animal Humane Association of New Mexico has information on where to find specific breeds if you just have to have a certain kind of pet. AHANM has three locations, but the one at 615 Virginia SE is its main site, with about 70 dogs and puppies and 60 cats and kittens available on an average day. There are 15 to 20 pets at the other locations. The organization offers other services such as the CAT program, which seeks to get more cats adopted and provide behavior services for unruly beasts. AHANM also takes donations. Call 255-5523 or visit animalhumanenm.org.

Other locations:

9132 Montgomery NE (between Wyoming and Eubank)

10700 Corrales Road (just north of Alameda)

Albuquerque Animal Welfare Departmen t (aka The Dog Catcher). These poor beasts don’t get as long as animals in nongovernmental shelters—sometimes only a week before they are given the needle. There are plenty looking for homes. There’s no set timeframe for when animals are euthanized, but that’s no reason to lay about. I’d go here first.

Shelter locations:

Eastside Animal Welfare (8920 Lomas NE)

Westside Animal Welfare (11800 Sunset Gardens SW)

Both locations have the same number, 768-1975, and kennel hours are Tuesday through Sunday 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is also a mobile adoption service at various times and locations (check the website for updates). The animal welfare website has links to other animal rescue organizations such as Watermelon Mountain Ranch, New Mexico’s largest no-kill shelter.
Where to get a pet

Where to get a pet

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