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A DecadeÕs Detritus: Words
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Publishers Weekly Best Selling-Books, Fiction, Hardcover

The Lost Symbol Dan Brown

The Appeal John Grisham

A Thousand Splendid Suns Khaled Hosseini

For One More Day Mitch Albom

The Broker John Grisham

The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown

The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown

The Summons John Grisham

Desecration Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye

The Brethren John Grisham

American Dialect Society Word of the Year

( 2009: to be announced Jan. 7, 2010)

2008: bailout

2007: subprime

2006: plutoed

2005: truthiness

2004: red state / blue state / purple state

2003: metrosexual

2002: weapons of mass destruction

2001: 9/11

2000: chad


Lake Superior State University List of Banished Words:

2010: Shovel-ready, transparent/transparency, czar, tweet, app, sexting, “friend” as a verb, teachable moment, in these economic times … , stimulus, toxic assets, too big to fail, bromance, chillaxin’

2009: Maverick, staycation, bailout, desperate search, green, Wall Street / Main Street, not so much, carbon footprint / carbon offsetting, <3, icon or iconic, game changer

2008: Perfect storm, waterboarding, organic, wordsmith/wordsmithing, author/authored, post 9/11, surge, give back

2007: Gitmo, combined celebrity names, awesome, pwn/pwned, we’re pregnant, undocumented alien, truthiness, ask your doctor, chipotle, “i-”anything

2006: Surreal, hunker down, person of interest, community of learners, up or down vote, FEMA, junk science, git-er done, dawg, talking points, holiday tree

2005: Blue states / red states, flip flop (-er, -ing), battleground state, pockets of resistance, improvised explosive device, enemy combatant, carbs, you’re fired!, über, “izzle”-speak, wardrobe malfunction, blog, webinar, safe and effective, erectile disfunction, body wash

2004: Metrosexual, X, punked, bling or bling bling, LOL, embedded journalist, smoking gun, shock and awe, captured alive, shots rang out, ripped from the headlines, hand-crafted latte, sanitary landfill

2003: Marital breach, on the ground, weapons of mass destruction, homeland security, extreme, now more than ever, branding, challenge, it’s a good thing, as per, reverse discrimination, got game, undisclosed secret location

2002: disenfranchise, surgical strike, friendly fire, bring them to justice, faith-based, bipartisanship, anything modified by “Doppler,” 9/11, If … then the terrorists win, synergy, ramp up, edgy, functionality, killer app, reality TV, in the wake of … , no-brainer

2001: Speaks to, celebrate, fuzzy math, chad, going forward, negative growth, manual recount by hand, academically fragile, shaken up, dot.com, leverage, factoid, dude, diva

2000: millennium, 24/7, thinking outside the box, “e-” anything, cybrarian, segue, quality of life, for the children, at risk, sea change, wake-up call, adding “-ing” to words like action and solution
A DecadeÕs Detritus: Words

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