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Jaunty Chapeau From New York Hat Co., $35 To $50

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Your Own Personal Shopper
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For the dapper gentleman in your life, what could be more appropriate than a head topper from the venerable Larry’s Hats in Nob Hill? We recommend checking out their line of New York Hat Co. products; they’re made in a vintage hat factory in, you guessed it, New York City. For less than $35, you can pick up an authentic 1900s-style flannel gangster, or upgrade to an antique leather driver cap for $47. (Ty Bannerman)

Sabawear “I (Heart) Nm T-Shirt, $15.99

Is your loved one’s style a little bit bosque and a little bit barrio? Show some spunky cultural pride with this “I (heart) NM” tee. El Chante: Casa de Cultura’s boutique features this t-shirt along with several other traditional-urban combo clothing items, such as Beautiful Damage women’s tees and Insurgente children’s apparel, both featuring revamped Día de los Muertos imagery. For uncommon Burque finds, hit this local shop up before the holidays. (Rebecca Gonzales)

Edwin Jagger Red Razor, $48

Nothing says “old-fashioned Christmas present” like a fancy razor. Sure, in today’s technology-minded ethos, “easier” is always better. But a clean shave isn’t about the price of a razor; it’s about the integrity of its use. At Model Pharmacy, their red Edwin Jagger razor would make a nice holiday gift for a husband, a son who’s just learning how to shave or your dear old grandpa. Priced at $48, it’s sort of a steal, and it’s a lovely throwback to them good ol’ days. (Mark Lopez)

505 Royalty Deluxe Christmas Crown, $75

Gift your bestie with postmodern Native bling from The Soft Museum. Santa Fe native Autumn Dawn Gomez founded the Museum to purvey her own work and the creations of other talented Native designers. Fresh off a Paul Frank collaboration, Gomez’ Christmas crown reps the 505 and New Mexico’s state question: Red or green? Surprise your Pueblo princess—or killer queen—with a fetching crown of chile for only $75. (Samantha Anne Carrillo)

Distressed Black Machined Cuff With Oxblood Leather, $48.50

Equal parts industrial chic and retro librarian, Apocalypse Hardware’s Thin-Skinned cuff boasts oxblood leather inlays and a distressed black finish. This four-element statement piece comes in four sizes; so covertly measure your beloved’s wrist and visit Free Radicals—or buy directly from the Burque maker at—and score major tough-and-tender gifter points. (Samantha Anne Carrillo)

Rare Beauty Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, $24

The low humidity in the high desert is generally a blessing, but winter’s rapid approach signals the most exfoliant-friendly time of the year. For a practical and blissfully luxuriant stocking stuffer, visit Abitha’s Apothecary to score the yummiest scrub this side of the Colorado. La Abeja Herbs Rare Beauty exfoliating sugar scrub stars brown sugar, rose petals, cardamom, neroli and jojoba. At $24, this cosmetic confection makes a sweet present. (Samantha Anne Carrillo)

Cookie’s Cupcake Toppers, $29.95 To $39.95

Unless you have, like, really cool, open-minded parents, this prezzie probably isn’t best opened in front of Mom and Dad. These locally handmade pasties—adhesive adornment that conceals one’s nipples—come in an assortment of sexy colors, styles and shapes. Equip someone you love to ring in the New Year undercover burlesque-style with champagne and tasseled pasties from Cookie’s Cupcake Toppers. (Amelia Olson)

Acupuncture, $15 And Up

2013 was rough. The government quit on us for a few weeks, old white men tried to outlaw women’s choices about their own uteruses, and Miley Cyrus ruined mouse leotards for all of us. Soothe stress—and all that ails you—with acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture helps balance the body’s energy to improve overall health, and it can treat everything from inflammation to allergies. Casita’s sliding scale prices and convenient hours make the locally owned clinic a great place to gift your loved ones with a coping strategy for the demanding world we inhabit. (Amelia Olson)

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