I Like To Watch (Instantly): Colin, Survival Of The Dead

Notable Low-Budget Zombie Titles From The Netflix Watch Instantly World

Devin D. O'Leary
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I Like to Watch (Instantly): Colin
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Ever wonder, What’s the story of that reanimated corpse wandering around in the background of the zombie movie? Not only is this British horror film shot from the refreshingly clever viewpoint of a recently created zombie, it was made for a mere $75. Writer-producer-director-editor Marc Price makes the most of his nonexistent budget, crafting a serious and sympathetic drama about memory, family, the loss of identity and the eating of other people’s intestines.

I Like To Watch (Instantly)

Survival of the Dead Survival of the Dead
Zombie king George Romero unleashes the sixth film in his … of the Dead series. This time around, a group of residents living on an island off the coast of Delaware try to fend off the zombie epidemic while simultaneously searching for a cure to return their undead relatives to life. Of course it wouldn’t be a Romero film without a heavy dose of human conflict, so we’ve also got a bloody family feud between rival survivalists to contend with as well. Like Diary of the Dead , this is low-budget, shot-on-the-fly gore, but it’s the territory Romero grew up in.
Survival of the Dead

Survival of the Dead

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