Alibi V.27 No.35 • Aug 30-Sept 5, 2018 


Diverse Views

Dear Alibi,

Peter Nardini responded beautifully in "Nurture the Seeds" [v27, i33] to Manuel Ybarra's "Letter to America" [v27, i32]. Ybarra’s point seems to be that without belief in a Christian God, people are “morally corrupt,” hate more than love, do “abominable things,” and are headed to Hell. Nardini correctly points out that Ybarra’s message is one of religious exclusivity that prevents him from seeing how loving people with diverse religious views can be. I would add that diverse religious views include atheism, agnosticism and non-deity-based spirituality, none of which is inconsistent with possessing a moral compass, capacity to love fellow human beings and other creatures, or doing good in the world.

While I also respect Ybarra’s faith, he has no more proof of the existence of God than I do. Because I have no proof one way or the other, nor do I expect such proof to be forthcoming, I don't consider the question of God's existence important to me. So I guess that makes me agnostic. I prefer to focus on understanding nature and living in harmony with nature, which includes all human beings. I know many people whose understanding of nature is similar to mine, only they reach that understanding through both science and their belief in God and their particular religions.

People do wonderful things in the name of religion. People also fight wars over religious differences, claiming that their God is superior to their enemy's God. I’ve lived long enough to learn many times over that a person’s religion, belief in God, or lack of such religion or belief is not a reliable predictor of how good, loving or moral that person is or may become.

The Mayflower pilgrims may have come to America to advance Christianity, as Ybarra claims. However, this country, as encapsulated in the First Amendment, was founded on principles of religious tolerance. It should stay that way.

Rich Weiner,


Humpty Trumpty

Humpty Trumpty fell off his border wall
All the lies that his press security would tell
Could not put Humpty Trumpty back together again.

The news quickly spread through out the land
Only to be called “fake news” by Fox.

Giuliani was quick to say
That Muller pushed Humpty Trumpty off his border wall.
Falling on the Mexican side
Where federal police took him away.

When asked where Humpty Trumpty was taken
The Mexican government could not say
No flowers were placed where he fell
Only the baby Trumpty balloon floats over the spot.

Soon great celebrations covered both lands
That the want-a-be dictator is gone for good.

Suddenly the lights come on
And Humpty Trumpty realizes it was only a dream.

Soon the reality of the day sets in
It’s breakfast and eight hours in the prison laundry
At twenty-five cents a hour.

Bill Moore,


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