Alibi V.29 No.11 • March 12-18, 2020 

Sex and the Burque

Sex and the Burque

I am out and proud as a polyamorous bi-guy. Currently I have only one partner, but in the past I’ve had as many as three that I would actually call boyfriends (as opposed to important FWBs that I feel some people have but call them "boyfriends" cause they want to be "cool"). After much thought, I'm ready for another partner, most likely as a "V”-shaped relationship (where I'm dating my current partner and a second, but they're not dating each other) because that’s how my current partner wants it.

I am always open and honest and communicative with each of my partners and I set a goal to makes sure that they feel like they are my only boyfriend (unless they are dating one of my other partners, in which case the relationship is different). My issue is this: Two seems to be my max, because as soon as I have three, I can't seem to balance my relationships well and at least one ends up falling apart within weeks or months. I have a lot of love to give and honestly I feel like I could handle literally as many boyfriends/girlfriends as possible. I’m not trying to put the cart before the horse. I’m focusing on only one additional partner now. But I know how to handle that. I’m thinking ahead.

Have you experience with the poly life? Or friends/ family who do? Any advice on how to manage more than two partners?

Future Tense

This is tricky. When dealing with more than one partner, you never know who needs more of your attention or who is sensitive to the amount of attention you are giving to someone else. Communication is essential here. All parties must be on the same page and expect the same things from the relationship. The moment anyone feels something is wrong, you must bring it up. Because these relationships are tricky, you can not let insecurities fester. Good luck and spread the love.


Where do you get your shoes?

Well-Heeled Woman

I have my shoes made for me by elves when I sleep. It is the only way to ensure they fit my dainty, womanly feet. No, honestly, I get them where everyone finds everything nowadays, the internet. You can use it for anything from finding the cutest pair of shoes to meeting the thirstiest guy. Give it a try.

Technologically yours,


So I’m traveling—like, full-on in airports and buses—mañana. How does one perform, you know, kissing, with a coronavirus face mask on?


When In Rome

You must get creative. May I suggest roleplay? You can play “doctor,” or “scary new disease.” Seriously, everyone relax, use common sense, leave enough toilet paper for other people who need to poo, and wash your damn hands. Don't live in fear. If you want more info on COVID-19, visit the CDC website,


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