A Retrospective Of Roller Girls In Burque

Marisa Demarco
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A Retrospective of Roller Girls in Burque
Meep Meep (Eric Williams ericwphoto.com)
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I remember when derby hit the scene in the 505. Reporters covered it from many angles, but no one could seem to get a handle on whether this was hot chix with crazy socks on skates or a real sport. And maybe we’ve learned, finally, that it can be both.

The Alibi’s first article on the subject asks the question: What the hell is roller derby? It was October 2005, and it was a legit query.

Remember when Kamikaze Kim was
uncomfortable with bodychecking? (2006) Yeah, neither do I. And wait, how do you play again?

Then, in 2007, the league wondered:
Would anyone catch the DoomsDames? Not that year. Duke City Derby vowed to mix up the teams.

2008 saw the league lose its home. Players got too brutal to practice around the poles of the makeshift Midnight Rodeo rink. On the flip side, travel team Muñecas Muertas started brutalizing squads in other cities.

The Santa Fe Disco Brawlers
made their debut in 2009. And the Alibi’s Simon McCormack covered every bout that season.

April: Muñecas Muertas vs. San Diego Wildfires, and Disco Brawlers vs. Ho-Bots


May: Muñecas Muertas vs. Seattle’s Rat City, and DoomsDames vs. D.I.A.


June: Muñecas Muertas vs. Dallas Derby Devils, and D.I.A. vs. Disco Brawlers


Late June: Muñecas Muertas vs. St. Louis Arch Rival Roller Girls, and Ho-Bots vs. DoomsDames.


Then the season was postponed because
DCD had to leave the Santa Ana Star Center.

But 2010 is on for sure at the Albuquerque Convention Center . Read up on the new Taos team and scope the schedule.

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