Alibi Brand 2017 Municipal Ballot

Clip Out Format Means Easy Voting!

August March
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We know you’re going to vote. You want to make this a better city, amirite? Well citizens, besides providing you with progressive standpoints to consider, we’re also going to do you a helluva solid here. Just grab a pair of scissors, clip out this handy ballot guide, stuff it into your wallet or purse and then head to the polls. That way, when you pull the lever—or in this case fill in the proper bubbles—you can keep democracy, this paper and your dignity intact.


• Timothy M. Keller

See the
Weekly Alibi mayoral endorsement, right next door!

Councilor, District 1

• Ken Sanchez, Incumbent.
Weekly Alibi supports the moderate Sanchez because he is a tireless, articulate advocate for the citizens of his district. As far as other candidates in this district go, Weekly Alibi acknowledges concern in the matter of Javier R. Benavidez and ethics issues he has recently faced. Our selection reflects that.

Councilor District 3

• Klarissa Peña, Incumbent. Peña’s on board for some type of municipally managed worker sick leave dealio—even if the current legislation doesn’t work out—and
Weekly Alibi also gives credit to Peña’s clear voice in support of progressive legislation during her tenure as councilor.

Councilor District 5

• Cynthia Borrego. Borrego’s practical experience in the city planning department gives her an edge, vision-wise, that if implemented could well spell success.

Councilor District 7

• Diane Gibson, Incumbent. Gibson’s another councilor who demonstrated tenacity and commitment during her first term. She should be returned to the council so that she can continue her work.

Councilor District 9

Byron K. Powdrell. Powdrell worked very hard for the past 15 years to re-establish himself as an authentic and legitimate voice of the community he represents. An opportunity for him to serve underrepresented citizens through the council would be good for Albuquerque. For the record, his opponent Don Harris’ flaming attack websites designed to call Powdrell’s character into question—still up and running even after the latter
came clean about his history to the press—reek of the kind of racialized, fear-mongering right-wing propaganda that made Donald Trump, POTUS, possible. It’s not quite fake news that Harris’ hateful sites manipulate, but the twists therein make Harris’ shenanigans egregious.

General Obligation Bond Questions

• Number One: Public Safety • Yes

• Number Two: Community Center Enhancement • Yes

• Number Three: Parks and Rec • Yes

• Number Four: Water System Modernization • Yes

• Number Five: Library Bonds • Yes

• Number Six: Street Renovation Bonds • Yes

• Number Seven: Public Transportation Improvement Bonds • Yes

• Number Eight: Storm Sewer Mainentance • Yes

• Number Nine: Museums and Cultural Facilities • Yes

• Number Ten: Affordable Housing • Yes

• Number Eleven: Metro Redevelopment • Yes

City of Albuquerque Healthy Workforce Ordinance

• Vote yes.
Vote for solving basic societal problems in an effort to advance our city and our culture.
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