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Simon McCormack
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How did a man survive his heart attack? What are APS buses going to be equipped with? Which big employer is adding jobs in September? And why do police say thieves struck at Isotopes Park?

1) How did a man get emergency medical attention after he suffered a heart attack?

a. His dog called 911.

b. He stumbled to the emergency room a mile away.

c. He told his heart to “quit bitching and start beating again.”

d. His 10-year-old grandson drove him to the hospital.

2) APS buses will be outfitted with what?

a. Antilock breaks

b. GPS systems

c. All-season premium tires

d. Mirrors that allow drivers to see who’s hurling spit wads

3) Which employer announced it will hire more people this fall?

a. Kirtland Air Force Base

b. Sandia National Labs

c. Intel

d. UNM

4) Why do police say three thieves broke into cars at Isotopes Park?

a. They were high on methamphetamine.

b. The Isotopes lost.

c. They couldn’t get tickets to the game that night.

d. They needed money to bail their friend out of jail.

Answer Me This


1) D. When he saw his
grandfather having a heart attack, a 10-year-old Roswell boy made sure his "papa" got the emergency help he needed. The boy hopped into his grandpa’s truck and drove him to the hospital with the boy’s 7-year-old brother along for the ride. The man is now out of the hospital and recovering at home.

2) B. Buses used by Albuquerque Public Schools are being outfitted with
GPS tracking systems. The devices will allow supervisors to see exactly where buses are and how fast they’re traveling. Each GPS is also equipped with a panic button that can be pushed in the event of an emergency. The total cost of putting tracking systems in all 2,400 APS buses is $975,000.

3) A.
Kirtland Air Force Base announced it will beef up its workforce by adding 430 new jobs in September. The base will acquire 243 military personnel and 187 civilian Department of Defense employees. A press release from Kirtland says many of the jobs are designed to help the base strengthen its nuclear mission.

4) C. Albuquerque police say three people broke into cars at Isotopes Park because they
couldn’t get tickets to the Friday, June 26 game. That’s what police say they were told by one of the suspects. The thieves stole an $800 necklace, a pair of shoes, a jacket and a wallet, according to police.
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