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Simon McCormack
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How did some Albuquerque residents mark this Fourth of July? Where are farmers turning for help with their nut trees? What was the fate of a burglar in Belen? How are Boys & Girls Clubs looking out for students?

1) Some Albuquerque residents used the Fourth of July to do what?

a. Smuggle illegal fireworks from Mexico into the Duke City

b. Stage tea party protests

c. Wake and bake

d. Buy more hot dogs than on any other day of the year

2) Farmers hoping for healthier nut crops are turning to where?

a. Space

b. A new form of fertilizer that produces bigger crop yields

c. A rare breed of nut that resists drought

d. Mr. Peanut

3) How do deputies say a burglar was killed?

a. He was gunned down by the Sheriff’s Department after an hour-long standoff.

b. The owner of the store he was trying to steal from stabbed him.

c. A man who witnessed the burglary tracked him down and shot him.

d. The burglar was strangled to death by drug cartel operatives after the break-in.

4) How are Boys & Girls Clubs helping students?

a. They’re offering college scholarships to 12 academic superstars.

b. They’re donating thousands of dollars to local schools for facility improvements.

c. They’re giving teachers who are tough graders atomic wedgies.

d. They’re sponsoring a school supply drive.

Answer Me This Answers:

1) B. Hundreds of tea partiers lined Alameda near Balloon Fiesta Park this Fourth of July to protest what they call a governmental spending spree. Protesters say they’d like to see the size of government shrunk and taxes greatly reduced. Many also say they want to encourage people to get involved in politics.

2) A. Here’s a nutty idea: Use satellites in space to help crops. Researchers at NMSU and two other universities have been given an $870,000 grant to use satellite images to examine the health of nut trees in the United States. Researchers say the data from satellites can provide information on a plant’s well-being that can’t be seen with the naked eye. A plant’s leaf temperature, for example, can tell you if it’s suffering from disease before more obvious signs appear. That can help growers deal with illnesses before their trees start to wilt and it’s too late to save them.

3) C. A Belen resident is now facing murder charges after deputies say he tracked down two burglars and shot one of them. According to deputies, the man noticed Enchantment Propane Company was being burglarized and followed the two thieves in his car after they left the store. Deputies say the burglars confronted the man, and he shot and killed one of them. The other suspected thief fled and has not been brought into custody.

4) D. Boys & Girls Clubs and Staples stores are making sure students have all their supplies when school begins in August. Staples locations in Albuquerque are taking school supply donations through Sept. 19. The stores will haul their donated loot to the Boys and Girls Clubs in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. The clubs will give the supplies to families who can’t afford them.
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