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Marisa Demarco
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What kind of power plant is coming to the state? Who can’t count? Don’t take this pretty weed home. You’ll never work for Whataburger again!

1) Jetstream Wind Inc. plans to open a power company that produces …

a. Wind

b. Solar

c. Coal

d. Hydrogen

2) A charter school specializing in what made a mathematical error to the tune of $40,000?

a. A history and language arts school

b. A math and science school

c. A tech and engineering school

d. An arts and theatre school

3) Which easy-on-the-eyes weed is menacing the state?

a. Musk thistle

b. Clover

c. Violets

d. Dandelions

4) Why were two Whataburger workers fired?

a. They were making out in the bathroom every evening during break.

b. They were bathing in the industrial sink.

c. They fell for a prank.

d. They were spitting in the food.

Answer Me This Answers

1. D. The New Mexico company plans to harvest wind and solar energy to generate hydrogen, which would in turn be used to produce electricity for about 6,000 houses. The plant is being constructed in Truth of Consequences, N.M.

2. B. The
Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science, a charter high school with APS, overpaid six employees $40,000 last year. Among the list of reasons given for the error: "The school’s employees lacked the skills and knowledge of accounting principles."

3. A. The
musk thistle can grow between 2-feet and 6-feet high. It strangles other grasses and vegetation. It leaves barren ground in its wake. And some people may mistake it for a lovely wildflower.

4. C.
Two Whataburger employees got a phone call at work saying the fire suppression system needed to be tested. "Orange stuff" filled the air, they say. The pranksters told the men they needed to exit the building, break the windows to ventilate and take off their clothes because they had been exposed to toxic gas. When the cops came, the burger flippers were in their underwear.
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