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Marisa Demarco
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Udall legislation targets who? What did an 11-year-old girl from Los Lunas survive? What might help residents of the Four Corners area breathe easier? And these New Mexicans are annoyed by Hollywood.

1) Who is Sen. Tom Udall looking to cut off?

a. Belligerent airplane passengers

b. Drunk concertgoers

c. Obnoxious Rail Runner riders

d. People who won’t let you exit a conversation when you really want to

2) A young girl is OK after she …

a. Ate 100 Blow Pops

b. Was attacked by a pack of wild dogs

c. Was struck by lightning

d. Found a rare, deadly beetle

3) How could ozone pollution be thinned in Four Corners, according to a study?

a. More car pool lanes

b. More oil and gas operations digging into the region

c. Residents stop burning firewood on no-burn nights.

d. Coal-fired power plants reduced emissions.

4) This New Mexico city isn’t star struck:

a. Estancia

b. Truth or Consequences

c. Las Vegas

d. Santa Fe

Answer Me This


1. A. A Udall measure making its way through the Senate would
stop drunks from boarding a plane. The senator says he hopes his bill will bite into the number of passengers raging in a plane or driving home after landing in an intoxicated state.

2. C. Britnee Mendez was
struck by lightning while eating with her family in the garage. Her aunt says Mendez was flung across the room by the bolt. She was taken to UNM Hospital and released on Monday.

3. D. The New Mexico Environment Department’s report says
power plants and oil operations cause most of the ozone pollution in the Four Corners area. If such industries decreased emissions, the air quality would improve. Ozone can reduce lung capacity and induce asthma

Las Vegas, N.M., passed an ordinance requiring a film to get an OK from 61 percent of the people inconvenienced by a shoot. Business owners in Las Vegas were calling for a moratorium on filming altogether, saying the movies are not so magical for revenue.
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