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Marisa Demarco
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What can’t you do at the University of New Mexico next semester? How’s the state’s favorite produce doing? Why is Mayor Martin Chavez being called out in a federal lawsuit? Public school students may be able to abstain from …

1) People on UNM’s campus can no longer …

a. Smoke

b. Drink

c. Exercise free speech

d. Walk their dogs

2) How’s the chile crop?

a. Wilted

b. Infested with a plague of locusts

c. Looking good

d. It’s going to be insane-o hot.

3) What is the Double Eagle II Airport owner accusing the mayor of?

a. Leaving candy wrappers all over the interior of a plane

b. Painting a plane with his own likeness without permission

c. Letting his dog Dukes run amok at the airport

d. Refusing to renew his contract because Chavez didn’t get a break on flight prices

4) What might students in New Mexico be able to skip?

a. Lunch

b. The Pledge of Allegiance

c. Math

d. Federal testing

Answer Me This Answers

1. A. The university will become smoke free on Saturday, Aug. 1. The ban includes smokeless tobacco and will be in effect on main campus, north campus, south campus, athletics facilities and the Continuing Education Center. President David Schmidly says he understands the rule "may be uncomfortable for many."

2. C. Chile experts report that this year’s crop is
chock full of peppers and the harvest should be excellent. 2008 saw a quarter of Luna County’s crop destroyed by disease and parasites.

3. D. John Bode, Double Eagle owner,
says he was pressured to give the mayor free or cheap flights to Mexico and cities in New Mexico. When he refused, he says in a deposition for a federal lawsuit, Chavez wouldn’t renew Bode’s contract. The mayor says the suit is garbage.

4. B. The state’s secretary of education, Veronica Garcia, might change New Mexico policy and allow all students to
abstain from saying the Pledge. As things stand, some districts require the Pledge and some don’t. Garcia’s decision is expected in the fall.
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