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Simon McCormack
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What damning piece of evidence do police say they found on a stabbing suspect? What kind of technology could help troops overseas? Who was arrested for burglary? What’s changed since the Party Patrol started busting partygoers?

1) Police say they found a stabbing suspect with what incriminating item(s)?

a. A rag with blood from the victim on it

b. Two bloody knives

c. Pictures of the victim post-assault

d. An "I Love Stabbing" T-shirt

2) What is Los Alamos National Labs working on to help protect troops?

a. Lasers that can detect explosives

b. Long-range missiles fired by drones

c. Body armor that can withstand heavy gunfire

d. Robotic bomb-recovery devices

3) Who did police take into custody on a burglary charge?

a. An elderly grandma

b. A man suspected of murder in another state

c. A 10-year-old

d. A former Lobo basketball player

4) After more than five years of breaking up ragers, what does the Party Patrol have to show for its efforts?

a. Fewer teens in high school say they binge drink.

b. Other law enforcement agencies created similar programs.

c. Keg stands are no longer encouraged by UNM’s fraternities.

d. Fewer youths are being cited for underage drinking.

Answer Me This Answers

1) B. Police say they found a man a half-block from a stabbing incident with two bloody knives in his pockets. Officers say they saw the man running through traffic without a shirt. When they approached him, police say the man shouted, "I didn’t do anything wrong." The victim suffered multiple stab wounds but survived the altercation.

2) A. A team at LANL is working on
laser technology that could help troops in Iraq and Afghanistan spot explosives from up to 55 yards away. The laser can identify minute traces of molecules from explosives, and it could also help bolster security in airports.

3) C. A
10-year-old was arrested for burglary along with two teenagers. Police say the three suspects sped off from a home in El Cerro Mission after committing a burglary. The suspects’ car reached 100 miles per hour before crashing. Police say the suspects tried to flee on foot but were eventually apprehended. One of the teens barricaded himself inside a house before eventually surrendering.

4) D. The Albuquerque Police Department says Party Patrol officers
issue significantly fewer citations for underage drinking than two years ago. The unit was formed in 2001 to combat large social gatherings with underage drinking. Sgt. Harold Medina says over the last two years, officers have found fewer teens consuming alcohol. He also says he’s seen fewer big parties sprouting up since the unit began eight years ago. In 2007, the Party Patrol issued 2,098 citations. In 2008, that number dropped by about a third to 1,414, and so far this year, 773 have been issued.
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