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Marisa Demarco
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1) What did an Estancia landlord discover when he showed up at the rental house of a former Sandia Labs employee?

a. Nuclear secrets

b. A bomb-making lab

c. Stem cell research

d. Broccoli crossbred with cacti, resulting in broccti

2) Ex-Gov. Gary Johnson is ditching the GOP to become a member of:

a. The Green Party

b. The tea party

c. The Libertarian Party

d. The Modern Whig Party

3) Edgewood residents were surprised when what rampaged through town?

a. An elephant

b. Gov. Susana Martinez

c. A mountain lion

d. A buffalo

4) Police catch up with what percentage of swerving drivers reported through the Drunk Busters hotline?

a. Less than 10 percent

b. About 25 percent

c. Roughly 50 percent

d. 92 percent

Answer Me This Answers

1) B. After the explosives expert died, his landlord went to his rental property to clean up. In a white trailer, he discovered a bomb-making lab. Finished explosives were stored in vault next to the trailer. The Torrance County Sheriff says he didn’t think the deceased scientist intended to hurt anyone. The former Sandia Labs employee was seeking patents on explosives he’d invented after retiring.

2) C. As the last days of 2011 slipped away, Johnson announced he would no longer seek the Republican nomination for president. Instead,
he’ll be a Libertarian. Some predict there will be a third-party candidate in the 2012 race because of voter dissatisfaction. It’s also been suggested that Johnson could swipe Republican votes in New Mexico, ensuring that President Obama will carry the state come November.

3) D. A
buffalo galloped through Edgewood one morning, weaving across backyards and running down roads. After three hours, the creature was wrangled to be released into the wild. Legend has it that someone freed a herd of buffalo in nearby mountains 40 years ago.

4) A. Though more than 20,000 people have called #DWI to report someone they thought was driving drunk,
less than 10 percent of tips were acted on by police. About 400 arrests have been made as a result of the hotline, which is 2 percent of the number called in.
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