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Marisa Demarco
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What are the mayor’s cronies up to now? What kind of sentence do you get for a count of extortion? These personality traits make you a … Plus, one man’s stand against the smoking ban.

1) Councilors
Brad Winter and Don Harris are accusing the mayor’s chief of staff and the city’s transit director of:

a. Using city facilities to throw big parties, though they used personal funds to pay for food and drink.

b. Using city e-mail and city cell phones to organize a May ad campaign criticizing the Council for delaying the mayor’s proposed tax cut.

c. Joy riding in city busses.

d. Working behind the scenes to back certain candidates in the City Council race.

2) Former state
Treasurer Michael Montoya pleaded guilty in November 2005 to one count of extortion. He was sentenced last week to:

a. 40 months in prison and a $25,000 fine.

b. 40 months probation and 90 hours of community service

c. 25 years in prison

d. Life in prison

3) Many marriages, irresponsible behavior, superficial charm, promiscuity and a lack of long-term goals are indications that someone is a:

a. Drummer

b. Politician

c. Psychopath

d. Celebrity

4) An Alamagordo business owner allows his customers to puff away and says he’ll continue to do so despite the statewide smoking ban. He’s incurred how much in fines because of his stance?

a. $68

b. $680

c. $6,800

d. $68,000

Answer Me This


1) B. Though the ads were said to have been paid for by a political action group, Chief of Staff Barry Bitzer and Transit Director Greg Payne are accused of violating ethics rules by using city e-mail and cell phones to help put the critical ads together.

2) A. Montoya cooperated with authorities in the scandal that also convicted Treasurer Robert Vigil. Montoya’s sentence is in line with the other sentences imposed in the scandals, assures Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathon Gerson. After Montoya does his time, he’ll be under supervision for three years.

3) C. Psychopath, according to a checklist by Robert Hare of the University of British Columbia. UNM scientist Kent Kiehl is using an MRI scanner on prison populations to try to find a treatment or cure for psychopathy. Early evidence suggests there seems to be something wrong with their paralimbic systems, a core part of their brains that controls emotions.

4) C. Henry Smith owns the Grubstake Steakhouse and owes $6,800 in fines. He’s been cited 15 times for violating the smoking ban and says the ban is self-contradicting.
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