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Marisa Demarco
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1) Tattoos of Lobo paw prints, Albuquerque’s skyline and the year the city was founded indicate:

a. You’re way into history.

b. You love the Lobos.

c. You’re from the 505 all your life.

d. You’re part of a rapidly expanding prison gang known as the Burqueños.

e. Potentially all of the above

2) State regulators voted to put an end to which rules?

a. DWI penalties

b. Greenhouse gas-curbing cap and trade

c. Hunting licensure

d. The smoking ban

3) Why are activists protesting in front of Legacy Church?

a. Because the Sheriff’s Department holds cadet graduation there

b. Because there aren’t enough seats during service

c. Because its pastor criticized a gay man’s appointment to the Public Regulation Commission

d. Because of its “living for others” message

4) Construction along Lead and Coal yielded what for businesses on those streets?

a. An influx of customers prompted by blue-and-white signs on nearby roads

b. An increased quality of life due to broader sidewalks, open manholes and fresh landscaping

c. A small hit to revenue but nothing serious

d. A sudden dive in profits, which has in some cases forced closure

Answer Me This Answers

1) E. Though law enforcement officials admit plenty of regular Burqueños have similar tattoos, the prison gang of hardened felons exhibits civic pride with its ink preferences. The Dukes iconography—not the Isotopes—is also popular within the gang’s ranks.

2) B. The Environmental Improvement Board
repealed a carbon cap-and-trade law on Monday, Feb. 6. The rule has been under fire for more than a year. After narrowly avoiding certain bureaucratic death on numerous occasions, it’s finally been axed. The board, appointed by Gov. Susana Martinez, ruled that the law is too burdensome.

3) C. Gov. Martinez appointed Doug Howe to replace troubled Jerome Block Jr. on the PRC. Howe is openly gay, and the guv said she knew about his sexual orientation before selecting him from a pool of about 90 applicants.
Pastor Steve Smothermon objected, saying this was not the kind of person Martinez was elected to appoint and that she’s not a genuine social conservative.

4) D. The
list of casualties includes: Steppn-2-Style, Campus Corner Laundromat, Saffron Café, a Cricket retail outlet and Farm Fresh Produce. Other stores have changed their business models so they’re based on appointments (Padilla’s Automotive and Oasis Salon) or web sales (Talking Fountain). Casa de Piñatas and Free Radicals continue to hang in there.
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