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Marisa Demarco
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1) What did criminals steal from the arms of a child?

a. A duckling

b. A puppy

c. A diamond

d. An ice cream cone

2) What complaints are drivers making about cyclists?

a. They’re rude.

b. They don’t have driver’s licenses.

c. They’re not required to have insurance.

d. All of the above

3) The New Mexico Tourism Department is seeking "real people," who are what?

a. Hispanic, but light-skinned

b. Fat

c. From the state

d. Scarred on their faces

4) Why is a homeowner blaming the city for a tree that fell on his house?

a. Hot air from the mayor blew it over.

b. A drunk sanitation engineer crashed his truck into it.

c. Construction crews butchered its roots in early February.

d. The City Council got in a fist fight on his lawn, and the tree was a casualty.

Answer Me This Answers

1) B. A 4-year-old ran inside her house to tell her mom that two women had taken her poodle, Pip, according to a report. Her mother says she did not believe her at first. The thieves pulled up in a car, the child says, and asked to see her dog, which she was holding in the yard. Then they took off with her pet, she says. A woman who saw a flyer about the puppy came across the thieves trying to sell it near a McDonald’s, the family says. She bought the dog and returned him to the young girl.

2) D. State law says cyclists should be treated as vehicles on the road, but critics
say in an Albuquerque Journal article that they’re not held to the same standards as cars regarding insurance, registration, driver’s licenses and taxes. Others complain that bike-riders are rude and behave dangerously.

3) A. A casting notice requested "
light-skinned Hispanics" for a series of ads designed to draw tourists to New Mexico. The department is also under fire for hiring companies from Texas and California to create the ads.

4) C. A man who lives near Lead and Carlisle says the
ongoing construction project on the one-ways resulted in a tree falling onto his home. Workers hacked away at three-quarters of the root structure about a month ago, and he says he contacted the city soon after to express concerns about the massive tree falling over when the spring winds came.
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