Answer Me This

Marisa Demarco
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1) Paper soaked in what was nearly smuggled into a New Mexico prison?

a. Pheromones

b. Explosives

c. LSD

d. A marijuana mimic called Spice

2) What might soon open in Roswell?

a. A military boarding school

b. A horse slaughterhouse

c. Fox Mulder’s Holistic Paranormal Detective Agency

d. An alien-themed brothel

3) What’s PETA’s problem with Albuquerque?

a. Visitors feeding the baby elephant at the ABQ BioPark Zoo

b. Our consumption of vast quantities of carne adovada

c. The city’s “trap, neuter, release” program for cats

d. Open Space’s treatment of wild dogs in the Bosque

4) Why is Pinkman complaining about the 505?

a. The crime

b. The spiciness of the food

c. Bad fashion choices made by locals

d. Too much meth

Answer Me This

1) D. The state’s Corrections Department reported security intercepted a letter to an inmate that had been saturated with Spice, a psychoactive herbal substance that offers effects akin to cannabis. Gov. Susana Martinez signed a measure outlawing the substance last year, making New Mexico the 16 th state to ban it. The Drug Enforcement Administration considers Spice a chemical of concern.

2) B. Rick De Los Santos of Valley Meat Co. wants to open a horse slaughterhouse. Horses would be killed to become meat destined for human consumption in Mexico; horse meat is also commonly exported as food to Europe and Asia. The businessman’s request sparked backlash from officials around the state, including the governor. De Los Santos awaits USDA approval.

3) C. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is calling out the city for its TNR program, which is intended to reduce the colonies of feral felines around town. Cats are caught by volunteers, spayed or neutered, and then returned to their neighborhood. PETA says the program is illegal under Albuquerque’s own ordinances, and that cats should not be released back onto city streets.

4) A. Aaron Paul—the actor who plays drug-dealing meth-head Jesse Pinkman on “Breaking Bad”—says Burque’s too rough for his tastes. His home and car were both broken into during his stay here. He Tweeted his complaint, saying he couldn’t wait to go back to Los Angeles where it’s safe.
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