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Marisa Demarco
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1) How old is the new mayor of Sunland Park?

a. 4

b. 24

c. 54

d. 94

2) A species of what was discovered in a gypsum cave near Carlsbad Caverns?

a. Shrimp

b. Bat

c. Roadrunner

d. Lizard

3) According to APD, a thief recruited a gang of what to do his dirty work?

a. Middle-schoolers

b. Chimps

c. Office cleaners

d. Homeless people

4) How much does one New Mexico house cat weigh?

a. 3 pounds

b. 25 pounds

c. 40 pounds

d. 100 pounds

Answer Me This Answers

1) B. Javier Perea, 24, has been appointed mayor of the embattled colonia in Doña Ana County. Perea graduated business school at New Mexico State University in 2010. Councilor Daniel Salinas was elected to the post but wound up in jail on felony extortion charges.

2) A. The just-discovered form of
amphipod is translucent and about half an inch long. The species could be millions of years old. Biologists found the creatures while surveying the area before it’s mined for potash. The shrimp were observed 80 feet from the surface of a subterranean pool. Surface water reaches the cave through crevices or is replenished from a shallow aquifer.

3) D. The Albuquerque Police Department says a man with an expensive drug habit gathered more than 12
homeless people to help him steal from home improvement stories. According to APD, they would take things from the stores and then return them using receipts found in parking lots. The man is facing charges for more than 175 thefts.

4) C. He’s only 2-years-old, but Meow tips the scales at
nearly 40 pounds. Cats usually weigh around 10 pounds. The Santa Fe Animal Shelter placed the obese feline with a foster family and put him on a diet. The fattest cat ever on record was just more than 46 pounds.
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