Answer Me This

Marisa Demarco
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1) UNM is asking students to cough up $50 more to fund what?

a. Athletics

b. Art

c. Academics

d. Activities

2) The EPA’s top dog in our region has been forced to step down for using which word?

a. Slut

b. Goddamn

c. Asshole

d. Crucify

3) A New York murder case that’s more than 30 years old may be linked to the Southwest through what?

a. Traces of pollen on the victim’s pants

b. Clay under her fingernails

c. Cactus needles in her feet

d. Chile in her veins

4) Albuquerque police are catching thieves in the act using what?

a. Attractive undercover officers

b. Hidden cameras positioned on high-crime streets

c. Bait cars

d. Electronic insects that are actually microphones

Answer Me This

1) A. The University of New Mexico’s Board of Regents approved an increase in fees that will go to the Athletics Department. Every student will now pay a total of about $130 to fund sports programs at the university. The department has typically turned a profit, except for the last couple of years, said Regent Jamie Koch.

2) D. Two years ago, Al Armendariz said he would
crucify companies who violate environmental law. Armendariz served as the top administrator for Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Republicans in Congress asked that he be fired, highlighting that he used the word “crucify” and saying he’s leading an EPA assault on fracking. He resigned Monday, April 30, indicating the issue was distracting from the vital work of the EPA.

3) A.
Pollen experts can determine where microscopic samples originate. A woman between 15 and 19 years old was found dead in a New York cornfield in 1979. She had no ID. Police followed thousands of leads but could not find the murderer. The original investigator has reopened the case and had the victim’s body exhumed so new DNA evidence could be found. The Albuquerque Police Department is working with investigators in New York.

4) C. Since December, police have been
baiting thieves with cars that contain items usually stolen from vehicles. The cars also have automatically locking doors and hidden cameras. The method has become a model nationwide, according to APD, because it’s working so well.
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