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Marisa Demarco
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1) What happened at the last meeting held in Sunland Park to appoint a mayor?

a. No one attended. The town had been vacated due to heat.

b. The person selected was arrested and charged with armed robbery.

c. A fight broke out.

d. All candidates for the position suddenly took ill and had to leave.

2) What will people who call the Albuquerque Police Department for help be asked to do?

a. Sign a waiver indicating footage may be used in an episode of "Cops"

b. Pose for photos with drug-sniffing dogs

c. Chip in $20 for gas

d. Fill out a survey to rate responding officers

3) Who’s the Libertarian presidential candidate this year?

a. Sen. Rand Paul

b. Rep. Ron Paul

c. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson

d. Writer Dave Barry

4) How many inspectors examine 100,000 oil and gas wells in New Mexico?

a. 10

b. 100

c. 10,000

d. None

Answer Me This Answers

1) C. Beleaguered Sunland Park was making another attempt to appoint a mayor. City Councilor Isabel Santos walked out in protest, saying the meeting was illegal. Two candidates vied for the position yet again: Javier Perea, who was appointed for a hot minute last week, and Gerardo Hernandez, who lost the March race. (The original winner of the election, Daniel Salinas, was jailed on extortion charges.) A fight broke out at the meeting, and the Council postponed its decision.

2) D. Officers will collect citizens’
email addresses during calls so APD can send out a survey. This plan was announced by Police Chief Ray Schultz among other new policies set in place to curb the use of deadly force by officers. The department will also use a database to alert officers who might encounter a mentally ill person, emphasize de-escalation techniques during training, and demand officers turn on their lapel video cameras.

3) C. Some folks are saying
Johnson is the strongest candidate the Libertarian Party has ever put its weight behind. He’s considered economically conservative but socially liberal. Johnson will likely take some of Mitt Romney’s votes in New Mexico. It’s looking like the former N.M. guv will be on the ballot in every state. The most any Libertarian candidate has managed in an election is 1 percent of the vote, which happened in 1980.

4) B. There are less than
100 inspectors to keep an eye on 100,000 active and inactive oil and gas wells. That’s about 1,000 wells per inspector. They’re employed by the Bureau of Land Management and the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division. Each well is seen about once every three years. Activists argue that’s not often enough to ensure the wells won’t poison the state’s water.
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