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Marisa Demarco
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1) Where is Monks’ Ale brewed in New Mexico?

a. Samuel Adams’ plant in Taos

b. Monastery of Christ in the Desert in Chama Canyon

c. Marble Brewery in Albuquerque

d. The Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid

2) What touched down in Magdalena?

a. A tornado

b. Air Force One

c. A UFO

d. The Mr. Peanut hot-air balloon

3) What did thieves in the Northeast Heights take from victims during a stickup?

a. Their Blow Pops

b. Their child

c. Their bling

d. Their pants

4) What’s growing in state prisons?

a. Joy and love

b. Black mold

c. Organic gardens

d. White supremacist gangs

Answer Me This Answers

1) B. Christ in the Desert built a microbrewery on its campus about a year ago. This year, the monastery projects it will craft 1,500 barrels of beer. Monks’ Ale is a simple combination of barley, yeast and hops. Monks’ Wit—also made by brothers there—includes coriander and orange peel. The beer is sold through Abbey Beverage Co. It’s not unheard of for religious folk to brew beverages: It was common practice in the Middle Ages, when water was often contaminated.

2) A. The
twister touched the ground in Magdalena for five minutes on Sunday, May 13, but no one was harmed. A fence, however, was damaged. Rain, wind and marble-sized hail struck the state Mother’s Day weekend.

3) D. After surrendering their cash, credit cards and cell phones, the victims say they were told to pull out their car stereo and hand it over. Then, at gunpoint, they had to give up
their pants. The thieves were caught at a nearby gas station, according to police, and the victims got their trousers back along with the rest of their stuff.

4) D. In-lockup membership of
white supremacist gangs doubled over the last decade, according to state officials. Even some Hispanic inmates are joining the gangs, they say. It’s easy to spot members—they have tattoos of swastikas or Hitler’s birthday. Still, they’re outnumbered by Hispanic gangs, which compose 40 percent of the prison population. The FBI says New Mexico has the one of the largest ratios of gang members to officers in the country.
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