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Marisa Demarco
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1) An elite Albuquerque Police Department unit has stopped using what as its symbol?

a. A Native American

b. An ax

c. An inebriated octopus

d. A noose

2) The Air Force has agreed to pay Cloudcroft residents for damage resulting from what?

a. Sonic booms

b. A jet fuel leak

c. Airmen R & R

d. Weaponized bird mutants

3) Los Zetas cartel is tied to what in New Mexico, according to the feds?

a. ICE

b. The Ruidoso Downs

c. The oil industry

d. Prescription drug sales at major chain retailers

4) What won’t N.M. voters see on their ballots in November?

a. The option to vote a straight party ticket

b. Smiley faces next to certain names, rain clouds next to others

c. Los Zetas Party candidates

d. All of the above

Answer Me This Answers

1) D. The crew assigned to handle Albuquerque’s most fearsome criminals used a noose as its icon on memos and had it painted on the unit’s office wall. Initially, an APD commander said the squad is known as the ROP (Repeat Offender Project) team, so the image simply indicated "rope." On Thursday, July 14, Police Chief Ray Schultz nixed the 20-year symbol.

2) A. Neighbors in the mountains around Cloudcroft complain of broken windows, concussions and cow miscarriages that they say are caused by
sonic booms. The Holloman Air Force Base commander, Col. David Krumm, says he canceled low-level routes for F-22 pilots, but that the Federal Aviation Administration also owns similar flight paths in that region. Regardless, high-intensity booms happen when pilots practice turns that focus the impact on the ground. The commander says he’ll work to eliminate turns near populated areas.

3) B. Raids in New Mexico and other states led to the arrest of seven people said to be using
horse racing to launder cash for Los Zetas cartel. Businessmen would buy the horses at hefty prices and then get reimbursed by the cartel, according to The New York Times . The horses were bestowed names such as Number One Cartel and Coronita Cartel, feds say. One horse, Mr. Piloto, won a $1 million prize in Ruidoso in 2010. The Downs denied the race was fixed.

4) D. For decades, with the push of a button or a single pen stroke, voters could cast their ballot for all of the Democrat or Republican candidates listed. Secretary of State Dianna Duran, a Republican, has
banned the practice in 2012, saying there’s nothing in New Mexico’s law that demands it be allowed. Pollster Brian Sanderoff says this could have a big impact on the elections if people choose to skip the smaller races as they make their way down the ballot. In 2010, about 40 percent of voters chose the straight-party option.
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