Answer Me This

Marisa Demarco
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1) How did an inmate get out of the BernCo jail early?

a. He dug a tunnel with a spoon.

b. He hid in an outgoing laundry cart.

c. He was accidentally released.

d. Someone smuggled in dynamite sticks via birthday cake.

2) What will be missing from the Whole Enchilada Festival this year?

a. Part of the enchilada

b. The entire enchilada

c. Meat. The fest is going veggie-friendly.

d. Chile. There’s a shortage.

3) If former Gov. Gary Johnson wins 5 percent of the vote in New Mexico, what will happen?

a. Marijuana will become legal.

b. The Tea Party will hold a tea party with crumpets.

c. Libertarians will have a shot at attaining major-party status.

d. Greens will have a shot at attaining major-party status.

4) What was stolen from the Dairy Queen?

a. A giant, blow-up ice cream cone man

b. 40 pounds of soft-serve

c. The secret recipe to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard™

d. Her mate, the Dairy King

Answer Me This

1) C. A 23-year-old jailbird flew free after being mistakenly released from the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center. Charges of aggravated stalking, kidnapping and property damage landed him in the slammer. He was found two days later and returned to jail.

2) B. Roberto Estrada serves up a
giant enchilada—more than 10 feet in diameter—every year in Las Cruces. He uses 750 pounds of masa to create giant corn tortillas that are cooked over propane burners. But with the event’s growing popularity—between 40,000 and 50,000 folks attend—the propane supplier expressed concerns about the 31-year-old burners. Estrada will continue the tradition of making the Guinness World Record-winning enchilada next year on new cooking equipment.

3) C. If Johnson takes 5 percent of the state’s vote, Libertarians could achieve
major-party status, guaranteeing them a spot on the ballot in elections to come. They’d still need to convince one-third of 1 percent of voters to register as Libertarians by 2014. As things stand, minor parties in New Mexico have to obtain a certain number of petition signatures to get on a ballot.

4) A. Curly, the smiling,
billowing swirly cone, went missing from the DQ on Paseo. Days later, he returned, looking a little run down and bearing an apology note. Reports have not confirmed where Curly went, but the franchise owner says all is forgiven.
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