Answer Me This

Margaret Wright
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1. Police say a woman who calls herself an animal rights activist was arrested after she did what?

a. Freed rats from their cages in a UNM research lab

b. Protested outside a big-box pet store with her rescue dog

c. Stole puppies and tossed them out of her car while driving

d. Confronted a cockfighting ringleader

2. Why are Santa Fe officials considering moving the annual Zozobra burning from Thursday to Friday nights?

a. To restore the original tradition, which was held on Fridays until 1998

b. To encourage more folks to attend

c. People are more celebratory on Friday nights.

d. Meteorologists say September weather is statistically more favorable on Fridays than Thursdays.

3. Where were weapons that were stolen from an undercover detective finally recovered?

a. In a trash bag in the South Valley

b. Outside the home of a suspected Mexican drug cartel member

c. At the bottom of an arroyo

d. In the apartment where Jesse Pinkman’s character lived on "Breaking Bad"

4. A dispute between two brothers on Thanksgiving led to what?

a. An airing of long-held grievances that culminated in a bear hug and tears of forgiveness

b. A huge family food fight that spilled into the street outside

c. An old-fashioned duel

d. A puncture wound inflicted by a fork

Answer Me This: Answers

1. C. Debra Swenerton was charged with animal cruelty and burglary after a Moriarty resident caught her stealing two pit bull puppies, according to police. The dog owner gave chase while calling 911 for help. Torrance County Sheriff deputies who responded said they saw Swenerton throwing the dogs out the driver’s side window of her moving car. Swenerton, who operates an animal rescue service in Tijeras with her husband, is suspected of stealing dozens of other dogs in the past two years.

2. B. The Santa Fe Kiwanis Club, which organizes the Zozobra celebration as a fundraiser, has been fielding thousands of emails complaining about this year’s $20 admission. The club has also gotten messages from parents with school-aged children, who say the Thursday night schedule makes it hard for them to attend. The Kiwanis Club says
switching the nights of the burn could help boost attendance, thus allowing a decrease in the price of admission.

3. A. Police investigators found a stun gun and AR-15 rifle in a trash bag
outside a house in the South Valley after detective Zach Stephenson reported them missing from the back seat of his truck. The Internal Affairs unit of the Albuquerque Police Department is looking into the incident to find out whether Stephenson may have violated department protocol regarding the proper securing of his weapons.

4. D. Vincent Rivera filed a report with APD accusing his brother Mark Rivera of
stabbing him in the shin with a fork during an argument about money. Mark, who was charged with aggravated battery, denies his brother’s story but told police that they’d been drinking heavily all day.
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