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Marisa Demarco
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Last year’s snowstorm means what for 2007? How much does it cost businesses to serve liquor in our state? Which famous actors are working in New Mexico? How many animals that see the inside of a city shelter ever see the outside again?

1. The heavy snow that shut down the city for a few days over New Year’s Eve weekend resulted in:

a) A shorter Christmas break for APS students this year to make up those lost school days.

b) Lots of babies about nine months later.

c) The city spending a few thousand dollars on extra snow machines in preparation for this year’s winter.

d) Home Depot running out of snow shovels after last weekend’s cold snap as panicked residents remembered icy driveways.

2. What was the price of the most expensive liquor license in the state?

a) $6,000

b) $60,000

c) $600,000

d) $6 million

3. Which of these actors will NOT be coming to New Mexico before the end of 2007?

a) Jake Gyllenhaal

b) Scarlett Johansson

c) Samuel L. Jackson

d) Charlize Theron

4) $1.34 million for the city’s animal shelters is the latest political football for Mayor Chavez and the City Council, which voted to freeze the funds at its last meeting. What percentage of animals that come through Albuquerque’s shelter doors are killed?

a) Exactly 5 percent

b) Nearly 10 percent

c) About 25 percent

d) More than 50 percent

Answer Me This


1) B. Seriously. August and September 2007 were the busiest seasons one nurse at Presbyterian’s birthing center said she’s ever seen. Doctors and nurses delivered a record number of babies (567) and attribute it to the time couples spent cooped up inside after the snowstorms.

2) C. The $600,000 liquor license was sold in Las Cruces, but the average price for a license is about $258,000. The state’s Regulation and Licensing Department published a list of prices on its website last on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

3) A. There will be no Gyllenhaal in the state this year, but Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel L. Jackson are filming
The Spirit at Albuquerque Studios. Charlize Theron is filming The Burning Plain in Cruces. Renée Zellweger and Ed Harris are filming Appaloosa in Santa Fe.

4) D. According to Lee Diclemente, executive vice president of the Watermelon Mountain Ranch Animal Center, more than half of the animals that see the inside of a city shelter will be executed. The funding has been stopped by the Council until Chavez puts together a report on how it would be spent. Last month, the mayor fired Denise Wilcox, the head of the Animal Services Department. The move provoked a backlash from Councilor Sally Mayer, who rallied councilors to stop the funding in a gesture to the mayor.
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