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Marisa Demarco
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Why is the mayor studying red-light cameras? Who’s jumped in the Senate race (that could give said mayor a run for his money)? Why is Downtown suddenly a war zone? What new privilege have we given the city’s public school police?

1) Mayor Martin Chavez appointed a task force to study what about the red-light cameras?

a. Whether fines should be reduced.

b. Whether cameras reduce traffic crashes.

c. What the extra $5.8 million the city made off the cameras can be best used for.

d. Whether the system is legal.

2) As of Monday, the latest big-name contender to announce a place in the race for Sen. Pete Domenici’s vacated Senate seat was:

a. Rep. Heather Wilson.

b. Mayor Martin Chavez.

c. Rep. Tom Udall.

d. Rep. Steve Pearce.

3) Smoke, fire and rubble in Downtown Albuquerque last weekend were the result of:

a. Warring politicians battling for Domenici’s Senate seat.

b. A train accident.

c. Out-of-control gang wars.

d. A movie shoot.

4) What new privilege was given to officers at Albuquerque Public Schools?

a. They can bring their guns to school but must keep them locked in their trunks.

b. They can wear their guns on campus during the school day.

c. They can carry nightsticks.

d. They can mace students if need be.

Answer Me This


1) B. The task force will study how effective the city’s red-light cameras are at lowering the number of accidents at busy intersections. The report is due in January. Over the course of one year, the cameras pulled in more than $10 million, resulting in a $5.8 million surplus.

2) C. Udall threw his hat in the ring, meaning he and Mayor Chavez will have to face off for the Democratic nomination. Reps. Wilson and Pearce will be vying for the Republican bid. Domenici plans to retire in January 2009.

3) D. A futuristic film starring Gerard Butler of
300 and Tomb Raider is being shot Downtown, and the action set is the largest yet in Albuquerque. The area will return to business as usual by Dec. 21.

4) B. The Board of Education voted 5-2 to allow APS police to wear sidearms during school hours. On Aug. 17, those officers called in sick after the board ruled they couldn’t carry guns during school hours.
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