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Marisa Demarco
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Anthrax at UNM? Pick up your tax return. Road-rage channeled through which weapon? Fertile women prefer …

1) What kind of laboratory animal at UNM tested positive for anthrax?

a. Rat

b. Frog

c. Rabbit

d. Yak

2) How many New Mexicans haven’t claimed their 2006 tax refunds?

a. 92

b. 920

c. 9,200

d. 92,000

3) According to Albuquerque police, an enraged driver attacked a man with a:

a. Gun

b. Bat

c. Tire iron

d. Golf club

4) A study by UNM scientist Randy Thornhill found:

a. Fertile women can smell symmetry.

b. Fertile women prefer wine.

c. Fertile women dislike short men.

d. A fertile woman should never be president.

Answer Me This


1) C. After the rabbit died on Nov. 12, scientists discovered the animal tested positive for anthrax. Sam Giammo, a UNM Health Sciences Center spokesperson, says the strain of anthrax occurs naturally in the soil in New Mexico and can be found in animals that eat grass.

2) B. About 920 taxpayers haven’t received their refunds because the IRS hasn’t been able to contact everyone. That comes to more than $648,000 in unclaimed money. If a taxpayer moves without updating his or her address, the refund check is returned to the IRS. People can call their local office if they suspect they might be missing some refund money.

3) D. After drinking five beers, according to a criminal complaint, a 47-year-old man pulled over a driver who cut him off and beat him with a golf club. The club was broken in half as the struggle wore on, and the mad golfer tried to stab the driver with his half of the club, the complaint says. Police arrived to stop the fight, and the driver was left with a possible broken arm.

4) A. Men were given T-shirts to wear for two nights. Women in different stages of their menstrual cycle were asked to rate the smell of the anonymous shirts for sexiness. According to the study, women in heat prefer the scent of men who are symmetrical and socially dominant.
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